Live Singer & Karaoke night

Music can light up the environment of place and set up the mood of the entire crowd. So while selecting the kind of music for your wedding decide the mood and theme of the wedding you want. The type of music you pick set the tone of the wedding and complements the theme. It's one of the thing people most often remember. Generally it’s good to decide the music according to the personality type that you are of: funk, romantic, groovy or string, Swanky, quartet, kick-off-your-shoes, swing or rocky. The way the music is delivered—DJ or by live band—also affects the atmosphere and mood. Generally big bands are considered good for weddings.
Also before considering whether to go for band or for DJ make sure the location have enough space to adjust those many people.
There are various live band you can choose from depending on the theme and style of your wedding. If you have big fat budget you can also mix and match two or three bands to provide a variety throughout the entire day. Live music makes the environment lively. You and your guests will surely experience the pleasure of a performance.