Bride and Groom Entry

Bride groom entry package (doli/chattar/palki/rath/ ghodi/etc.)

An Indian wedding is not just a ceremony, it is that envelope than carries millions of conventional rituals. It involves ground breaking dances, drama, stupendous music, and the bonding of two families for generations to come.
A wedding in India is of the most expensive celebration and the memorable function, not only in the lives of the bride and the groom but also of their parents and closed ones, and their families.
With the passage of time, the weddings in India have only become more profuse. This has given way to the need of making some parts of the wedding extremely fascinating and exotic, the bride’s entrance being the most sought after of them.
Some of the unique entry ideas could be to make a stunning entry with your friends and cousins, under a chaadar made of kaliras and lights. You can make a dashing entry at the venue, on a bike or in a vintage car.
Your wedding day is that day in your life when every single thing is about you, every eye that surrounds is on you, every couple love to make their wedding one of the most affair to remember.